Asking Questions Is What Makes Us Better

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6 623 Group sales
in CHF m
15.4 % EBITDA margin
before exceptional items
> 375 Active innovation projects
4.34 Production volume
in m t

Performance – Clariant’s first brand value – encompasses value creation regarding financial, intellectual, and manufactured capital. By reporting achievements in the fields of innovation and technological advances, digitalization, product stewardship and sustainable chemistry, procurement, and production, Clariant broadens its review of results beyond financial performance, underscoring its holistic understanding of value creation.


17 901 Staff in FTE
at year end
2 142 New employees hired
> 1 100 Staff in R&D
0.15 LTAR (Lost time accident rate)

People – Clariant’s second brand value – represents value creation that stems from human and relationship capital. Human capital encompasses all employee-related value creation processes, from talent attraction and development to employee engagement and occupational health, safety, and well-being programs. Achievements regarding value created for customers, policy-makers, suppliers, and society at large are reported in the relationship capital chapter.


0.93 Total greenhouse gas emissions
(Scope 1 & 2) (in m t)
13 Total wastewater generation
(in m m3)
739 Energy consumption
(in kWh/t production)
49 Total water consumption
(in m m3)

Planet – Clariant’s third brand value – encompasses the value creation processes that benefit the environment. To meet its ambitious environmental targets, Clariant takes measures to ensure the responsible use of natural capital. This includes programs to protect the environment, safeguard natural resources, mitigate climate change, and promote the transition to a circular economy.

Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

»Consistent Execution of the Group Strategy«

Hariolf Kottmann

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Interview with the Chief Executive Officer

»Focusing on Best-In-Class Customer Experience and Excellence in Execution«

Ernesto Occhiello

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Value creation

Business Model

Clariant’s business model illustrates how the company transforms various resources into innovative, sustainable solutions. As expressed by Clariant’s brand values – Performance, People, and Planet – the achieved outcomes benefit all stakeholders, and their feedback helps Clariant continuously improve value creation.

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Driving questions

Asking Questions Is What Makes Us Better

Innovation and Technological Advances

Where Can We Help Accelerate Innovation?

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Occupational Health, Safety, and Well-being

Where Can We Improve Safety Even Further?

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Circular Economy

Where Can Chemistry Help Close the Plastics Loop?

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Product Stewardship/Sustainable Chemistry

Why Does It Pay to Focus on Sustainability?

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Environmental Protection and Resources

When Can We Advance the Shift to Renewable Energy?

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Who Shapes New Digital Business Models?

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Growth and Profitability

What Will Help Us Succeed in China?

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Talent Attraction and Development

What Helps People Reach Their Full Potential?

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Customer Relationship

What Will Our Customers Expect from Us Tomorrow?

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We spoke to both internal and external experts about the key questions that drive Clariant. Here is what they say.
Value creation

In the Four Business Areas

Care Chemicals

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Plastics & Coatings

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Natural Resources

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