The »Business Model and Strategy« chapter presents Clariant’s holistic approach to value creation. After showing the company’s business modelBusiness ModelThe business model illustrates how a company draws on various capitals as inputs and converts them into outputs, such as products and services, through its business activities. The company’s activities and outputs lead to outcomes that affect the capitals, thus impacting the company and its stakeholders.View entire glossary , it presents the purpose-led strategyPurpose-led strategyClariant aims to move toward top-quartile results in specialty chemicals in terms of growth, profitability, sustainability, and people. Based on its purpose, »Greater chemistry – between people and planet,« Clariant unveiled a purpose-led strategy with four dimensions, accompanied by new financial and non-financial targets. The strategy reflects Clariant’s ambition to create value with innovative chemistry and a sustainability focus, putting customers, employees, and the planet at the center of all activities.View entire glossary and outlines Clariant’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Lastly, the chapter describes Clariant’s materiality assessment.