Global employment markets are increasingly becoming a reality. Accordingly, global challenges result in the search for qualified employees. In 2020, the world economy could be faced with an absence of approximately 40 million college graduates. The recruitment and linking of employees thus become important factors for lasting business success.

In a competitive environment such as the chemical industry, the employees of Clariant are crucially important for the success of the company. Their performance lays the basis for the company’s commercial strength and competitiveness. It is an important matter to Clariant to provide employees with a professional work environment in order to promote employee health and satisfaction on the one hand and overall company performance on the other. In the process, the motivation and the skills of each individual employee, the commitment to the quality of each individual’s deliverables, and the observance of environmental protection, safety and protection of health are promoted both individually and on a departmental level.

Individual education with customized training offers

With the My Learning online platform, Clariant offers a global system that allows employees to search for the best tailor-made continuing education option. The tool provides employees with a full-scale overview of all educational offerings enabling them to compile their individual programs and follow their personal development. The offering includes traditional seminars, language courses, online trainings or special educational events.

In 2015, nearly 8 000 employees took part in Clariant training courses, attending a total of about 140 000 hours of training. About 15% of this training occurred in the Clariant Academy programs with an emphasis on leadership and sales competencies, with about 6 500 hours and 500 participants each, and local training offerings with emphasis mainly on language courses, communication and presentation skills, as well as environment, health and safety ().

The concept of is also used in the realm of Human Resources in order to create a culture of continuous improvement. The core of the concept is a process of the effective and lasting change in thought that each employee develops and promotes for him or herself on all levels. This change in thought is expected to increase the competitiveness of Clariant through gains in efficiency, and in the process create added value.

Global roadshow for the acceleration of change

How can Clariant accelerate change and integrate sustainability into its own processes in order to become the leading specialty chemicals company with above-average value increase? This question stood at the center of the global roadshow under the motto »Accelerate Change – Discover Value.« In numerous workshops, the importance of sustainability for the company was emphasized and elaborated, how each individual employee through successful actions can contribute to creating added value in the future for all – customers, employees, shareholders, and the society.

People Excellence seeks to improve the continuing education of employees by providing them with the required skills and resources. So that these improvements are also ensured in the long term, Clariant intensively promotes succession planning and talent management. Clariant offers suitable education programs for employees to improve their employment opportunities and thus promote the innovative, future-oriented continuing development of the company.

The continuous training of employees within the framework of the internal talent management process ensures well-functioning succession planning for important positions within the company: About 85% of the senior management positions can be filled internally.

At the end of 2015, more than 20% of the individuals hired at the top four management levels were citizens of the country in which the hiring part of the Group was located.

Sustainable value creation for all its stakeholders and for Clariant as a whole requires the alignment of all business on central factors that are inextricably linked and built upon each other. A common set of values sets the foundation for continuous performance improvement. To this end, the conduct of the employees should always be oriented toward the well-being of Clariant, and in the process, the well-being of the entire workforce, as well as that of the stakeholders.

The Clariant Code of Conduct defines responsible conduct and applies equally to all employees. It concerns first and foremost the avoidance of conflicts of interests. The Code of Conduct governs the realm of fair competition, freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, corruption, discrimination, child labor and forced labor (). See Clariant Annual Report, chapter .


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Clariant excellence (CLNX)

Clariant Excellence is an initiative launched in March 2009 with the aim of establishing a culture of continuous improvement. The initiative is based on a change in mindset among all employees and at all levels of the company. It aims to improve competitiveness through gains in efficiency and to create added value. The four elements of Clariant Excellence are: Operational, Commercial, People, and Innovation Excellence. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


Stakeholders are people or groups whose interests are linked in various ways with those of a company. They include shareholders, business partners, employees, neighbors, and the community. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY