A Strong Engine for Value Creation


Going off the beaten path is part of Clariant’s . But so is reliability. The numbers in this chapter paint a picture of a company devoted to bringing value to its customers, providing not only superior products, but a unique know-how and exceptional service all over the world.


In 2017, 18 products were awarded the EcoTain® label.


Clariant spent CHF 211 million on R&D in 2017.


As part of Clariant's Marketing Excellence initiatives 515 customer interviews were conducted in 2017.


Roughly 300 customers of Business Unit Additives in North America are served from the Shared Service Center in India.


Operational Excellence initiatives led to cost savings of CHF 20 million in 2017.


Clariant operates a strong innovation infrastructure consisting of 8 Research & Development Centers worldwide.

Business Model

The business model illustrates how a company draws on various capitals as inputs and converts them into outputs, such as products and services, through its business activities. The company’s activities and outputs lead to outcomes that affect the capitals, thus impacting the company and its stakeholders. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY