Contributing to the SDGs

Clariant is committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. These 17 goals outline a clear path to a more sustainable future and offer key business opportunities for the company.

Sustainable development and market potential

The SDGs provide a global framework for the most urgent societal and environmental necessities. The goals are defined in everyday language and offer a well-defined set of actions for all stake­holders. They are at the heart of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The business community recognizes the SDGs as a powerful way to foster innovation and growth. According to the Business & Sustainable Development Commission’s »Better Business, Better World« report, USD 12 trillion of additional market value could be generated by 2030 if the SDGs are achieved.

Clariant can contribute to the SDGs with its innovative and sustainable products and services, strong environmental management, and a commitment to respect and protect human rights across its own operations and the supply chain.

Evaluating Clariant’s impact on the SDGs

Clariant assessed both the positive and negative impacts of its products and services, operations, value chainValue chainThe value chain describes the series of steps in the production process, from raw materials through the various intermediate stages to the finished end product.View entire glossary , collaborations, and corporate citizenship activities, to evaluate the impact of its business activities in relation to the 17 SDGs, including all 169 under­lying targets and the corresponding indicators. All business units and several Service Units were involved in performing, reviewing, and validating this analysis.

While Clariant contributes in some respect to every SDG, six priority SDGs were identified. Four of these SDGs were paired, as their relevance to Clariant cannot be evaluated independently. Figure 014

  • SDG 3 »Good Health and Well-being« and SDG 12 »Respon­sible Consumption and Production«
  • SDG 7 »Affordable and Clean Energy« and SDG 13 »Climate Action«
  • SDG 9 »Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure«
  • SDG 17 »Partnerships for the Goals «


graphic: Clariant: Clariant's priority Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to this list, certain business units also contribute to SDG 2 »Zero Hunger,« SDG 6 »Clean Water and Sanitation,« and SDG 15 »Life on Land.«.



The above overview provides selected examples of how Clariant contributes to the different SDGs. Figure 015