26. Disposals

Audited information

Activities not qualifying as discontinued operations

In this section, disposals of subsidiaries, associates and activities are reported that do not qualify as discontinued operations in the sense of  5.

The following disposal took place in 2019 and 2018:

On 30 April 2019 Clariant sold its 25% stake of GTC associates in the United States for a net consideration of CHF 8 million and a net loss of CHF 1 million to the Swiss base Sulzer group.

On 27 December 2018 Clariant sold its 100% shares in Infrapark Baselland AG to GETEC heat & power GmbH for a net consideration of CHF 38 million. The loss recorded on the transaction in 2018 amounted to CHF 54 million gross and to CHF 43 million net of tax. In 2019 an additional payment in the amount of CHF 3 million was received.

The result from disposals not qualifying as discontinued operations is reported under »Selling, general and administrative costs« in the income statement.


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