102-17 Mechanisms for advice and concerns about ethics

With regard to seeking advice, the compliance officers at both regional and local levels as well as at Group Headquarters are available to provide support in connection with issues relating to the ethically correct and legally compliant conduct of employees. In addition, employees have the opportunity to raise questions - if necessary, anonymously - about ethical business conduct on the »Clariant Integrity Line,« which the responsible compliance officer of the corresponding country answers or forwards to the competent colleague in the Compliance or the HR Department.

Complaints pertaining to violations of the Clariant Code of Conduct can be made via line managers, through Group Compliance (i.e., reported to the local or regional HR department or compliance office or directly to the group compliance officer). An additional channel through which all violations against the Code of Conduct can be reported is the »Clariant Integrity Line,« an online portal which has been introduced in 2014.