417: Marketing and Labeling

Disclosure 417-1 Requirements for product and service information and labeling

Product safety takes top priority at Clariant. It also involves communication with direct customers and end users in the value chain, besides the optimization of product features related to safety and the environment. Clariant fosters permanent contact with customers, who are supported in the application and use of Clariant’s products. Laboratories are available to solve any specific problems. The service offering also features comprehensive product information, in particular with respect to optimum and safe application, health risks, waste disposal, and handling of packaging.

Safety data sheets containing the relevant substance data, information on the safe handling and storage of products, and measures in the event of incidents such as product spillages/release and fire are provided by Clariant to all parties involved in the further handling of the substances. Clariant has a close relationship with its customers and provides all REACH-relevant information about the supply chain, even with the help of IT tools. Here, every Clariant customer is able to securely receive REACH-relevant information on the specific products that they have purchased. Comprehensive customer support ensures the extremely high communication requirements by REACH in regards to the use of products in the customer chain.

Disclosure 417-2 Incidents of non-compliance concerning product and service information and labeling

For information regarding 417-2, please see Incidents of non-compliance concerning the health and safety impacts of products and services

Disclosure 417-3 Incidents of non-compliance concerning marketing communications

In 2017 Clariant had no complaints or legal actions concerning compliance with legal provisions on unfair competition or marketing communications.