102-21 Consulting stakeholders on economic, environmental, and social topics

Clariant steers sustainability activities on a strategic corporate level with a dedicated Sustainability Council. The council evaluates the global sustainability challenges and megatrends and sets long- and mid-term Group goals to initiate projects and activities in the field of sustainability. Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and a direct link to the highest governance body, the council is composed of relevant heads of corporate functions/services and business units, such as Group Technology & Innovation, Corporate HR, Corporate Strategy & Planning, Corporate Legal, Group Procurement Services, Corporate Communications and Business Units ICS, Catalysts and Additives.
For more details on the process of communication to the highest governance body, please see section of the Corporate Governance Report.

In 2017, the revision of the materiality matrix was the key event that served as consultation between stakeholders and Clariant. Key stakeholders could voice their opinion on which topics Clariant should focus and their prioritization (for more information please see section  in the Integrated Report). The results of the survey were analyzed and broken down into to both region- and function-specific perspectives. This allows business unit and regional management committees to follow up with their respective stakeholders.

Throughout the year, Clariant engaged in ad hoc dialogs with stakeholders on many occasions. For instance, sustainable solutions for waterborne paint systems were on the agenda when more than 50 customers were invited to the Innovation Center in Frankfurt. This event focused on how Clariant addresses customer expectations through its range of EcoTain® products in Paints & Coatings business segment.