408: Child Labor

Disclosure 408-1 Operations and suppliers at significant risk for incidents of child labor

Clariant condemns all forms of child labor and respects the rights of children. Consequently, HR undertakes to ensure by appropriate processes and practices that minimum age provisions of national labor laws and regulations are adhered to, and adequate and verifiable mechanisms for age verification at Clariant workplaces are used by local HR. ILO convention numbers 138 and 182 are expressly acknowledged as the minimum standard. Clariant is not aware of cases of child labor in the company or with its suppliers. Similarly, Clariant rejects any form of forced labor or slavery. Clariant is also not aware of any cases of forced labor or slavery in the company.

Clariant is assessing its suppliers in relation to child and forced labor, among other social, governance, and environmental topics, together with other companies via the Together for Sustainability (TfS) platform. For more information, please see . In 2016, Clariant also launched a human rights due diligence assessment that continued into 2017. For more information, please see the .