Hariolf Kottmann, CEO (portrait)
Hariolf Kottmann, CEO Responsibilities: Corporate Planning & Strategy, Corporate Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs, Group Communications, Group Human Resources, Investor Relations, Group Legal, and with a focus on People Excellence
Britta Fuenfstueck (portrait)
Britta Fuenfstueck
Responsibilities: Business Units Industrial & Consumer Specialties and Oil & Mining Services, Group IT, Group Procurement, Commercial Excellence, and the regions Latin America and North America
Patrick Jany, CFO (portrait)
Patrick Jany, CFO
Responsibilities: Business Units and Functional Minerals, Corporate Accounting, Corporate Auditing, Corporate Controlling, Corporate Tax, Corporate Treasury, Mergers & Acquisitions, Group , Global Business Services, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Excellence, and the regions Europe and Middle East & Africa
Christian Kohlpaintner (portrait)
Christian Kohlpaintner
Responsibilities: Business Units , and , Group Technology & Innovation, Innovation Excellence, and the regions Greater China, India, Japan, and South East Asia & Pacific
Clariant excellence (CLNX)

Clariant Excellence is an initiative launched in March 2009 with the aim of establishing a culture of continuous improvement. The initiative is based on a change in mindset among all employees and at all levels of the company. It aims to improve competitiveness through gains in efficiency and to create added value. The four elements of Clariant Excellence are: Operational, Commercial, People, and Innovation Excellence. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


These are plastic additives in the form of granules with dyestuffs or other additives used to dye or alter the properties of natural plastic. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


Compliance is a key element of Corporate Governance. It refers to compliance with the law and directives as well as with voluntary codes within the company. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


A substance added to products in small quantities to achieve certain properties or to improve a product (Clariant Business Unit Additives). VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


A substance that lowers the activation energy, thereby increasing the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed by the reaction itself (Clariant Business Unit Catalysts). VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


Pigments are substances used for coloring; they are used in a technical manner, for example in the manufacture of dyes, varnishes, and plastics. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY