Audited information

Activities not qualifying as discontinued operations

In this section, disposals of subsidiaries, associates and activities are reported that do not qualify as discontinued operations in the sense of 5. The following disposals took place in 2016 and 2015:

On 31 October 2016 Clariant sold its POS tinter colorants business pertaining to the Business Unit to the Canada-based ICTC Group. The transaction comprised assets in Italy and India mainly. The transaction price amounted to less than CHF 1 million and resulted in a loss of CHF 2 million.

On 30 December 2016 Clariant sold its 100% shareholding in Clariant Insurance Ltd (Liechtenstein) to R&Q Insurance (Malta) Ltd for a total consideration of CHF 9 million. The purchase price was received in January 2017. Therefore per end of 2016 an open receivable exists for this transaction in the consolidated accounts. A loss of CHF 1 million was realized on the transaction.

On 28 February 2015 Clariant sold its Energy Storage Activities pertaining to the Catalysis & Energy to the UK-based Johnson Matthey for a total consideration of CHF 73 million. After the impairment charge of CHF 30 million recorded in 2014, the pertaining net assets sold, including the costs of disposal, amounted to CHF 62 million. Therefore, the after-tax profit recorded on the transaction in 2015 amounts to CHF 12 million. In 2016, the final purchase price settlement was made by Clariant to Johnson Matthey for an amount of CHF 3 million which had been fully provided for in 2015.

The result of the disposal of activities not qualifying as discontinued operations in 2015 was as follows:

in CHF m



Total consideration received, from the disposal of activities not qualifying as discontinued operations, as of 31 December 2015



Cash transferred in the transaction



Total cash proceeds received from the disposal of activities not qualifying as discontinued operations



Net assets sold, after impairment, including disposal-related expenses and accumulated amounts in equity recycled through the income statement upon disposal



Profit before taxes on the disposal of activities not qualifying as discontinued operations



Taxes (current and deferred)



After tax profit on disposal



The result from disposals not qualifying as discontinued operations is reported under »Selling, general and administrative costs« in the income statement.

Other assets held for sale

An amount of CHF 7 million relates to property, plant and equipment held for sale in Italy and in China (2015: CHF 2 million).


The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are international accounting standards. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


Pigments are substances used for coloring; they are used in a technical manner, for example in the manufacture of dyes, varnishes, and plastics. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY

Business area

In 2013 Clariant adjusted its reporting segments and grouped its businesses with similar end-user markets and growth drivers into four distinct Business Areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis, Natural Resources, and Plastics & Coatings. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY