Care Chemicals key figures in CHF m








1 465


1 445

EBITDA before exceptional items





Margin (%)





EBIT before exceptional items





Margin (%)





Full time equivalent (FTE)


2 574


2 321

  • Continued strong growth in Consumer Care, mainly driven by Personal Care, Home Care as well as Crop Solutions
  • before exceptional items stable at top end of margin guidance

Sales in the Care Chemicals increased by 5% in local currency and by 1% in Swiss francs in 2016 compared to the previous year. Most regions had good sales performance, led by Asia and the Middle East & Africa which achieved double-digit growth rates. Europe and North America also showed good growth in the mid-single digit range. Latin America grew in sales but slowed down significantly throughout the year.

Consumer Care delivered high single digit sales growth, supported by strong performance in Personal Care, Home Care as well as in Crop Solutions. The Industrial Applications business also delivered good sales growth.

The EBITDA margin before for the full year remained stable at 18.8%, which is at the very high end of the margin guidance for the Business Area.

For 2017, Care Chemicals expects continued solid sales growth in both Consumer Care and Industrial Applications. There is still strong market demand for innovative and sustainable solutions that do not compromise performance, which Clariant continues to focus on. Examples of these solutions include natural extracts and organic certified ingredients from Brazil’s biodiversity. Clariant, therefore, not only offers new and sustainable active ingredients but also supports local communities in the rainforest.

EBITDA margin

The EBITDA margin is calculated based on the ratio of EBITDA to sales and shows the return generated through operations from sales before depreciation and amortization. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY

Business area

In 2013 Clariant adjusted its reporting segments and grouped its businesses with similar end-user markets and growth drivers into four distinct Business Areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis, Natural Resources, and Plastics & Coatings. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY

Exceptional items

Exceptional items are defined as non-recurring costs or income that have a significant impact on the result, for example expenses related to restructuring measures. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY