About this Report

The Clariant Integrated Report 2018 provides an in-depth overview of the company’s holistic approach to multidimensional value creation, covering both tangible and intangible, and financial and non-financial aspects of the business.

Comprehensive information on financial results can be found in the . Details on governance and compensation are available in the and the . Additional information on the company’s engagement regarding sustainable value creation can be found in the .

The core ideas of Clariant’s integrated reporting are based on the framework developed by the , which fosters sustainable change by promoting a holistic approach to corporate reporting that focuses on financial and non-financial value creation.

Integrated Reporting extends traditional formats of corporate disclosure in order to communicate the full range of factors that significantly affect a company’s ability to create value through its business model. In this third annual report published in the form of an Integrated Report, Clariant provides a comprehensive overview of its value creation process. The resources Clariant uses and affects are categorized into the following six »capitals«: financial, intellectual, manufactured, human, relationship, and natural.