Value Creation in the Four Business Areas

With a vast product portfolio and countless applications, Clariant’s Business Areas serve multiple industries and continuously translate customer needs into innovative and sustainable solutions.

In 2018, the overall economic conditions led to increased sales throughout Clariant’s . In addition, increased environmental awareness in the markets presented business opportunities that fueled growth.

The Business Areas accelerated their innovation processes, for example, by applying High Throughput Experimentation. Strategic partnerships led to innovation breakthroughs, such as the development of a liquid organic hydrogen carrier.

Implementation of the initiative in the Business Areas strengthened marketing capabilities, helped better identify customer insights along value chains, and refined customer segmentation.

In order to guarantee shorter lead times, the Business Areas adapted production processes and implemented smart delivery systems. Multiple supplier strategies and increasing de-specification secured availability of raw materials. By increasing the share of direct spend on suppliers covered by sustainability assessments, the Business Areas solidified their reputations as sustainability leaders.

comprises the Business Unit and New Business Development (NBD). It focuses on attractive, high-margin, and low-cyclicality segments. Care Chemicals follows lifestyle-driven megatrends and strengthens Clariant’s position as a supplier of sustainable products.

comprises the Business Unit and the Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives. It develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of catalysts for the chemical and fuel industries, which contribute significantly to value creation in customers’ operations, ensuring finite raw materials and energy are used efficiently. In addition, Catalysis is at the forefront of developments for bio-ethanol.

comprises the Business Units and . It is characterized by high growth as well as a strong megatrend orientation. Main drivers are the rising demand for high value-added specialty chemicals used in the oil, mining, food, and packaging industries and the increased consumption of oil, gas, and base metals driven by fast-growing economies.

comprises the Business Units , , and . The Business Area is typically subject to GDP growth and economic cycles due to its highly diversified end applications. Main drivers are the increasing use of plastic applications, as well as the growing demand for more sustainable coating solutions.