Building on Vision, Mission, and Values

Clariant relies on its guiding vision, a well-defined mission, and a culture that encourages every employee to explore new ways to create value for all stakeholders.

1. Vision and mission focused on value creation

Clariant aspires to be the globally leading company for specialty chemicals, and to stand out through above-average value creation for all stakeholders. To bring this vision to fruition in the context of the drivers of Clariant’s external environment, the company builds and maintains leading positions in its businesses and strives for functional excellence in innovation, commercialization, and operations as part of its corporate culture. Clariant’s vision is underpinned by its mission to create value by appreciating the needs of:

  • customers – by providing competitive and innovative solutions
  • employees – by adhering to corporate values
  • shareholders – by achieving above-average returns
  • the environment – by acting sustainably

2. Appreciation, culture, and reputation as drivers for success

Clariant believes strongly that its brand essence »appreciation« is a key driver for successful value creation. Figure 001

For Clariant, appreciation means putting values at the center of everything the company does in each area where it is active or has an influence: performance, people, and the planet.

  • Performance: Clariant appreciates its customers by striving for exceptional performance and offering innovative, customized, high-quality solutions.
  • People: Clariant expresses appreciation toward its stakeholders and employees with its unflagging commitment to transparency and integrity, and by fostering a culture of dialog and mutual respect.
  • Planet: Clariant embodies appreciation of the planet by protecting the environment and safeguarding natural resources. By using sustainable, cutting-edge technologies, Clariant meets the most stringent standards and sets new benchmarks in the industry.


Brand Values with a Focus on Performance, People, and Planet (graphic)

Cultivating a corporate culture that balances business performance, social commitments, and environmental targets, while also upholding the goals of all stakeholders, is essential for generating value and sustainable growth. Therefore, appreciation is embedded throughout the company’s culture and its six corporate values, Figure 002 which define expectations of employee behaviors and build the company’s reputation and brand:

  1. Drive for Excellence: Clariant goes for the highest standards to profitably meet customer needs and challenges its achievement for more.
  2. Disciplined Performance Management: People at Clariant set – and ask for – clear direction and challenging but achievable targets. They give – and ask for – open feedback on measured progress.
  3. Deliver to Promise: Clariant counts on self-driven employees, who fully leverage their true capabilities and do not over-promise or under-deliver.
  4. Courageous and Decisive Leadership: Clariant supports risk taking and acceptance of failure while learning from results and chooses the best people for the right places.
  5. Lived Appreciation: People at Clariant acknowledge strength and advise on areas for improvement. They acknowledge outstanding contributions and celebrate success.
  6. Corporate Responsibility: People at Clariant care for the welfare of all stakeholders, protect the environment and respect communities. They never shortcut a safety procedure and live Clariant’s Code of Conduct.


Corporate Values for Sustainable Value Creation (graphic)