Core Processes for Value Creation

The three value creation phases »Idea to Market«, »Market to Customer«, and »Customer to Cash« represent key processes at the core of Clariant’s business model. Underpinned by Clariant’s Innovation Excellence, Commercial Excellence, and Operational Excellence initiatives, the company’s business activities are aligned with these three phases to turn customer needs into innovative and sustainable solutions that create value for all stakeholders.

The Idea to Market phase encompasses scouting global trends and ideas, scoping business opportunities and exploring unmet customer needs, executing product development, and commercializing and monitoring product performance. This phase is aimed at developing a product and service pipeline that is well-filled and delivers marketable innovations.

The Market to Customer phase includes identifying market attractiveness, developing and articulating clear value propositions, and capturing the value created through relationship-building and sales process. To reach a seamless customer experience, these steps are well-connected and centered around customer needs.

The Customer to Cash phase encompasses balancing demand and supply, optimizing sourcing for spend effectiveness, monitoring production for high efficiency, and delivering finished goods on time and in full to customers in order to achieve safe, reliable, and efficient operations that support profitable growth.