Asking Questions Is What Makes Us Better

Driving Questions

Asking Questions Is What Makes Us Better

Curiosity sparks progress. We ask how things work and how we can improve them. At Clariant, we don’t have all the answers. But we ask the right questions and take different perspectives. That’s why, for this Integrated Report, we spoke to our own experts and to our stakeholders about the most material topics of the Materiality Matrix.

Growth and Profitability

What Will Help Us Succeed in China?

Edward Tse, CEO & Founder of Gao Feng Advisory Company (portrait)
Edward Tse
CEO & Founder, Gao Feng Advisory Company
Christian Kohlpaintner, Member of the Executive Committee at Clariant (portrait)
Christian Kohlpaintner
Member of the Executive Committee, Clariant

Talent Attraction and Development

What Helps People Reach Their Full Potential?

Anke Wolf, Freelance HR consultant (portrait)
Anke Wolf
Freelance Consultant Human Resources
Klementina Pejic, Head of Group HR at Clariant (portrait)
Klementina Pejic
Head of Group Human Resources, Clariant

Innovation and Technological Advances

Where Can We Help Accelerate Innovation?

Tiago Merckel Haugg, Marketing Manager at Cooperativa Pia (portrait)
Tiago Merckel Haugg
Marketing Manager, Cooperativa Piá
Lucius Kemp, Head of High Throughput Experimentation at Clariant (portrait)
Lucius Kemp
Head of High Throughput Experimentation, Clariant

Environmental Protection and Resources

When Can We Advance the Shift to Renewable Energy?

Daniel Teichmann, CEO of Hydrogenious Technologies (portrait)
Daniel Teichmann
CEO, Hydrogenious Technologies
Camilla Lang, Site Manager Business Unit Functional Minerals, Clariant (portrait)
Camilla Lang
Site Manager Business Unit Functional Minerals & Country ESHA Nordics, Clariant

Occupational Health, Safety and Well-being

Where Can We Improve Safety Even Further?

Martin Clausen, Senior Risk Engineer at Zurich Insurance (portrait)
Martin Clausen
Senior Risk Engineer, Zurich Insurance
Paul Lieck, Corporate Safety Director North America at Clariant (portrait)
Paul Lieck
Corporate Safety Director North America, Clariant

Product Stewardship/Sustainable Chemistry

Why Does It Pay to Focus on Sustainability?

Isolde Bachert, Director Research & Development at Follmann GmbH (portrait)
Isolde Bachert
Director Research & Development, Follmann
Lynette Chung, Head of Sustainability Strategy & Advocacy at Clariant (portrait)
Lynette Chung
Head of Sustainability Strategy & Advocacy, Clariant


Who Shapes New Digital Business Models?

Jian Min Sim, CEO & Co-founder of SourceSage (portrait)
Jian Min Sim
CEO & Co-founder, SourceSage
Sibylle Mutschler, Head of Digital4Clariant (portrait)
Sibylle Mutschler
Head of Digital4Clariant, Clariant

Customer Relationships

What Will Our Customers Expect from Us Tomorrow?

Janis Ambrose Shard, Senior Manager, Product Planning & Strategy at Toyota Motor North America (portrait)
Janis Ambrose Shard
Senior Manager Product Planning & Strategy, Toyota North America
Judith van Vliet, Designer at Clariant (portrait)
Judith van Vliet
Designer ColorWorks®, Clariant

Circular Economy

Where Can Chemistry Help Close the Plastics Loop?

Alexander Schau, Packaging Developer at Werner & Mertz (portrait)
Alexander Schau
Packaging Developer, Werner & Mertz
Richard Haldimann, Head of New Business Development at Clariant (portrait)
Richard Haldimann
Head of New Business Development, Clariant