The Foundation of Success

Value creation from the short to the long term depends on a combination of financial and non-financial, tangible and intangible assets. The value a company creates for its customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders has to be attuned to their needs and provide valuable differentiation compared to the competition.

Clariant’s success is measured by its ability to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that support its customers’ goals, and to operate with efficiency and integrity. The discussion of Clariant’s business model illustrates how Clariant transforms financial and non-financial inputs into valuable outputs by applying three main value creation phases throughout its corporate activities and in its four .

Clariant’s ambition to create sustainable value is guided by its vision, mission, and corporate values, which are underpinned by its corporate objectives, targets, and strategy. Its corporate governance principles, strong leadership culture, and compensation principles also support sustainable value creation.

By considering trends and market drivers in the business environment and engaging in ongoing dialog with its stakeholders, Clariant stays attuned to the needs of its customers, employees, shareholders, and society, and embraces their feedback to improve its business.