Multicapital Review

By drawing on a multitude of tangible and intangible, financial and non-financial resources, Clariant creates value for all its stakeholders. Six different capitals – financial, intellectual, manufactured, human, relationship, and natural – are all considered in balancing business performance, social interests, and environmental stewardship. Clariant categorizes the six capitals under the brand values Performance, People, and Planet.


Within Performance, Clariant combines financial, intellectual, and manufactured capital. In addition to financial performance, progress is outlined on the topics of innovation and technological advances, digitalization, product stewardship and sustainable chemistry, procurement, and production.


Within People, Clariant combines human and relationship capital. Employee-related topics such as talent attraction and development, employee engagement, and occupational health, safety, and well-being are grouped under human capital. The topics regarding customers, policy-makers, suppliers, and society at large are discussed within relationship capital.


Within Planet, Clariant reports on natural capital. This includes the progress Clariant made on its ambitious environmental targets and on topics related to environmental stewardship, such as safeguarding resources, mitigating climate change, and promoting the transition to a circular economy.