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Welcome to our Integrated Report 2020
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Clariant’s Integrated Report 2020 offers a detailed overview of the company’s multidimensional approach to value creation, covering both tangible and intangible, and financial and nonfinancial aspects of the business.


  • Planet

    • 0.83
      Total greenhouse
      gas emissions
      Scope 1 & 2, CO2 equivalents, in m t
    • 11.4
      Total wastewater
      in m m3

Letter to shareholders

Successfully Tackle Strategic and Operational Challenges
Hariolf Kottmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Interview with the CEO

Driving Clariant to Its Full Potential and Focusing on Sustainability and Innovation
Conrad Keijzer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 1 January 2021
Stories 2020

The People
Who Drive

The world is changing faster than ever. Clariant is part of that change.

But not just our products and solutions help shape the future. It is our people across the globe who drive these innovations with their vision and commitment. Meet some of our change makers online.

  • Moving Towards the Global

    Hydrogen Economy

    Using hydrogen as a carbon-free energy carrier would help to significantly lower the carbon footprint of industries and change the way we use energy. But there are still considerable challenges ahead. Changemakers at Clariant are working hard to help make the vision a reality.

  • The Challenge with Plastics

    The Promise in Chemistry

    As the world strives to solve the challenge of closing the loop for plastics, changemakers at Clariant are improving the way we reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic waste. The most promising innovations range from improved or bio-based plastics to new methods for chemical recycling.

  • Accepting Challenges

    Shaping the New Normal

    Across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and do business. Six changemakers at Clariant explain how they and their teams rose to this unprecedented challenge with creativity, commitment, and kindness.

Operating and Integrated Business Model

Clariant’s business model shows how the company creates long-term value for all stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and the environment.

How our Business Areas Create Value