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The Foundation of Success

The »Foundation of Success« chapter provides an in-depth overview of Clariant’s holistic approach to creating added value. It delves into each layer of Clariant’s integrated , from the external business environment to the three internal value-creation processes, and details how each supports the in achieving key outcomes for the company and its .

Business Model

The business model illustrates how a company draws on various capitals as inputs and converts them into outputs, such as products and services, through its business activities. The company’s activities and outputs lead to outcomes that affect the capitals, thus impacting the company and its stakeholders. View entire glossary

Business Area

For the financial reporting, Clariant grouped its businesses in three core Business Areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis, and Natural Resources. View entire glossary


Stakeholders are people or groups whose interests are linked in various ways with those of a company. They include shareholders, business partners, employees, neighbors, and the community. View entire glossary