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About this Report

Clariant’s Integrated Report 2020 is based on the framework of the International Council (IIRC) and offers a detailed overview of the company’s multidimensional approach to value creation, covering both tangible and intangible, and financial and nonfinancial aspects of the business.

Information related to Clariant’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance can be found throughout the Integrated Report, particularly in the discussion of the material topics in the . Further information on the company’s commitment to sustainable value creation can be found in the online . Practical examples of how Clariant contributes to global sustainable development are also .

In-depth information on financial results can be found in the online , and details on governance and compensation are available in the online and the .

Integrated Reporting

Reporting that extends traditional formats of corporate disclosure in order to communicate the full range of factors that significantly affect an organization’s ability to create value through its business model. An integrated report provides insight about the resources used and impacted by the company – collectively referred to as »the capitals« – and their interdependence. It reflects and supports integrated thinking and decision-making that focuses on the creation of value over the short, medium, and long term. View entire glossary