With the final declaration of its 1992 conference on the environment and development in Rio de Janeiro, the United Nations has required member states to take the precautionary measures within their capabilities to protect the environment, known as Principle 15 of the Rio Declaration. Accordingly, remedial actions may only be postponed if no serious or lasting damages to the environment are looming, or if the states would be financially overburdened to implement these measures. This principle connects environmental protection with a cost-benefit analysis and attempts to achieve a balance between ecology and economy.

Clariant has not only transferred this principle to the company, but it has expanded the environmental considerations with social aspects – the whole foundation for sustainability. Clariant has been investing in safe products and both efficient and environmentally compatible processes for years. The company continuously initiates measures to completely live up to its responsibilities towards employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholder groups. The ongoing pursuit of trends and pertinent developments ensures the timeliness and appropriateness of all these activities.