The unified Clariant investigation and remediation process that applies to all reported breaches of the Code of Conduct assigns the responsibilities of investigating and remediating the reported Code of Conduct violations between the Corporate Functions for the investigating part (Group Compliance, Group HR, Corporate Auditing, ESHA and other functions, where appropriate), and between the different Compliance Committees on regional or on Group level for the remediating part.

In 2016, Clariant received 93 reports of alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct in the following categories:

  1. Health & Safety, Environmental Violations: 3
  2. Business Integrity: 32
  3. Treatment of Employees: 40
  4. Reports with no content or no allegations (including “Ask a Question”): 18

Integrity Line: In addition to the Group headquarters, the compliance officers at both regional and local levels are available for questions regarding ethically-correct and legally-compliant conduct of employees. A reporting and query portal for all employees, the so called »Clariant Integrity Line« allows for submitting questions pertaining to ethically correct business conduct in the local language – also anonymous, if possible by law – which the responsible Compliance Officer of the corresponding country answers or forwards to the Region or Group Compliance Officer.