Clariant's compensation philosophy is aimed at promoting and reinforcing the quality and commitment of employees. Clariant is generally committed to paying its employees fair and appropriate compensation in the form of wages and salaries, social components and other perks. This compensation should meet minimum statutory standards and in principle exceeds them in each country in which Clariant is active.

The spread of salaries between Clariant employees varies from one country to another. This depends heavily on the relevant local managerial and employment structure, and is frequently culturally influenced. For this reason, local salary structures cannot be used to address compensation issues. On a global level, the ratio between the average and the highest base salary is 1:10. In terms of the total compensation, including variable salary components, the spread is 1:19. The ratio tends to be higher in growth regions than, for example, in Europe.

Salary adjustments are negotiated in accordance with a fixed and unambiguous system and implemented through mutual agreement between the line manager and the HR department.

As a basic principle, a consistent »salary philosophy« ensures that adjustments are made in the context of the local markets and the individual performance.