The health of employees is regularly examined by Clariant. Depending on the workplace, sometimes extensive health checks are carried out in order to detect signs of illness as early as possible. For some activities, special health certificates and vaccinations are required, and special attention is paid to ensure that these are obtained and given. Clariant exceeds the legal provisions by far with these programs, and therefore, Clariant does not consider it has a formal obligation towards third parties, namely the representatives of the employees’ interests. However, in some regions, such as countries in North and South America, these programs are explicitly regulated with the corresponding unions.

The Clariant guideline »Prevention from Hazards to Health« serves to avoid work-related diseases. This directive covers all potential risks at Clariant, both in its chemicals business as well as in other areas. At workplaces with high noise emissions of more than 85 dB (A), as well as with handling of carcinogens, mutagens, or repro-toxic substances (CMR substances) and dust, there are strict rules and minimum requirements.