One of the aims of the »360-degree feedback process« and the annual »performance dialog« is to identify the ongoing development potential of employees and agree on appropriate development goals. The performance management process comprised about 900 people in the highest five management levels (ML) by the end of 2016, which corresponds to approximately 5% of the total work force, as well as about 8100 people in the downstream levels (46% of the employees). This corresponds to a percentage share of 52% of all employees. Over the next few years the process will be applied to the majority of employees of lower levels.

The internal talent-management process on a local, regional and global level is an important means for the systematic development of the employees and for the needs-based design of new training programs. During talent reviews, strengths and development areas of key personnel are systematically identified and individual development plans drawn up. The continuous training of employees within the framework of the internal talent management process ensures well-functioning succession planning for important positions within the company.