Clariant communicates continuously and promptly with important interest groups (stakeholders) in a way that is relevant for the particular target group. Clariant’s shareholders, employees, customers, and the direct environment, but also suppliers, government agencies and associations are counted among the stakeholders. All of these groups have a strong interest in the development and decisions of Clariant. Therefore, Clariant fosters an open, multilateral culture of communication. Depending on the respective production sites, countries, themes, and target groups, this exchange takes place at least once a year. Additionally, the Clariant production sites foster a frequent dialog with the residents, especially if the facilities are located near settlement areas. Stated objections and concerns reported to the company are recorded and resolved. In the process, no significant incidences were dealt with.

One main instrument for informing stakeholders about the company's sustainability efforts are the annual sustainability reports Clariant publishes in addition to its financial statements. In these reports, Clariant regularly offers a detailed account of the achievements made and the further steps planned in its endeavors to make sustainability a central element of all its business activities.

Clariant also maintains an intensive dialog with financial market participants, investors such as analysts, as well as finance and chemical trade publications.