Sustainable success can only be achieved if all employees behave in a lawful and ethical manner. Since 2007, the  has defined a set of rules and principles that are binding for all employees to protect the company’s reputation and keep the risks to shareholders to an absolute minimum. The code demands the adherence to all applicable laws and other regulations. The code forbids involvement of employees that could lead to conflicts of interest; it regulates how to deal with gifts and invitations as well as donations and sponsorships; it forbids bribery and corruption, money laundering, so-called insider trading, violations against anti-trust laws, violations against embargo and trade control regulations, disclosure of confidential information, embezzlement, the misappropriation of corporate assets as well as violations of data privacy. Employees may not endanger the environment or discriminate against or harass colleagues through their behavior.

All employees receive the Code of Conduct when they are hired and must agree to it when signing their contract of employment. So-called e-learnings are mandatory for all employees. Participation in these trainings, which cover different topics or themes of the Code of Conduct, is registered, and defaulters will be sanctioned. The Code is available in all relevant national languages.