To date, Clariant has been unable to detect any noteworthy effect climate change may have had on its business, whether of a physical, regulatory, or financial nature. However, the company is extremely aware of this sensitive and urgent topic. The significant reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and therewith the clear reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions are an integral part of Clariant’s planning and investment strategy - independent from economic or seasonal fluctuations and special factors.

At the same time, efficiency and international competitiveness must be increased in order to remain permanently successful. Climate change not only brings companies risks and challenges, but also opens the door to options. Business opportunities for Clariant lie in the development of innovative products which, for example, require fewer and fewer materials and a greater proportion of renewable materials and are produced by processes that consume less and less energy. The company offers also solutions for the use of renewable energies, such as cellulose ethanol made from agricultural residue.