Application Areas

Skin and hair care

Fabric, floor and dish washing and cleaning

Crop protection solutions

Bioethanol and alternative fuels


What do consumers expect from a shampoo or a dishwashing detergent? What is their purchasing decision based on? It is especially important that both clean well, smell good, feel good and protect the environment. The same goes for the new and environmentally compatible, sugar-based surfactants GlucoTain® and GlucoPure®.

Market growth

The relevant market for Care Chemicals is growing by 4% to 5% each year. This is also the annual growth target for the Business Area. To meet this objective, close cooperation with customers, a high level of innovation and dedicated evidence of the greatest possible sustainability is necessary. In addition, sales growth should be accompanied by a sustainable profitability. The set goal is an EBITDA margin before exceptionals of 18% to 19%. Care Chemicals has achieved this for the first time with 18.8% in 2015. It is important to maintain at least this level for the coming years. In 2015, Clariant also further reduced the scale of its involvement in operations with low margins.

Growth driver urbanization

Increasing urbanization, the scarcity of arable land and the consequent need for productivity increases in agriculture are important drivers of growth for Care Chemicals. This also applies to the dynamically growing demand for environmentally compatible applications and innovations from renewable substances and raw materials. The regional growth focus is on emerging markets in Latin America, India and China as well as on the steadily growing North American market.

Key Financial Figures



in CHF m



in CHF m (before exceptional items)

EBITDA margin


before exceptional items


Growth potential


per year

EBITDA target margin


before exceptional items

Leading Market Positions

No. 1

Aviation (De-icing)

No. 2

Crop Solutions

No. 3

Personal Care

No. 4

Industrial & Home Care

Various applications from personal care to aircraft de-icing

The Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (ICS) is the operational nucleus of Care Chemicals, Clariant’s second largest Business Area. With 14 production sites and five application and development centers, ICS covers various working areas in which similar technologies and common production capacities are used.

Consumer Specialties, with specialty chemicals for personal care, home care and agricultural markets, have significant growth potential, minimal cyclical effects and above-average margins. In addition, ICS’s industrial markets are supplied with components for lubricants, additives for paints and coatings, brake fluids for the automotive industry, as well as de-icing agents for the aviation industry. The raw material amines and amine derivatives, which are key to ICS, are produced by »The Global Amines Company« in Singapore, a joint venture between Clariant and Wilmar.

Broad Range of Applications

  • Personal care
  • Crop solutions
  • Industrial and home care
  • Industrial applications (aviation, brake fluids, heat transfer fluids, industrial lubricants, paints & coatings)
  • Bioethanol and alternative fuels
  • Bio-based specialties and enzymes
  • Food supplements (fats and oils, special carbohydrates, preservatives, antioxidants and sweeteners)

Discover Value: GlucoTain®

Stress reduction for
skin and hair

Whether from heat, cold or UV rays – the skin and hair are subjected to a permanent stress test. At the same time, their function is to protect the human body from precisely these environmental factors. Of equal importance is good care, which should be both pleasant and mild, but also environmentally compatible. Clariant has developed a product family of sugar-based surfactants under the name GlucoTain® for this purpose.

+46% projected growth

for mild products in hair and
skin care segments by 2017

Discover the surfactants

GlucoTain® is an innovative range of sugar-based surfactants offering sensory benefits through individual foam structures.

Interview with Katarzyna Kita

Katarzyna Kita Global Application Development Manager
Personal Care

»We design our products to respond effectively to customer needs.«

Mrs. Kita, what differentiates GlucoTain® from other specialty chemicals for personal care?

Consumers are becoming more demanding. They expect improved products – milder and with good cleansing and foaming properties, to deliver a uniquely pleasant sensory experience, in a nature-friendly way. GlucoTain® does an outstanding job fulfilling these criteria.

And comparable products cannot?

Most cleansing products contain sulfates and/or polyethylene oxide derivatives, that could stress skin and hair. GlucoTain® contains neither of these, is particularly mild to the body’s own proteins and lipids and can be blended excellently with oils or perfumes.

What does the product development depend on, exactly?

It is crucial to precisely analyze the skin and hair structures as they are very complex. Thanks to its capacity for innovation and the expertise of many scientists, Clariant has succeeded in developing sugar-based surfactants that satisfy a variety of consumers’ needs.

GlucoTain® is labeled EcoTain® as it has an excellent sustainability profile over the entire life cycle, from raw material to disposal, that Clariant screens based on 36 precisely defined criteria.

Ecotain productsGlucotain® Discover Value story

Value for money

Value for money

GlucoTain® are sugar-based surfactants. They are environmentally compatible and specifically improve the cosmetic product characteristics.

Extremely mild

Extremely mild

Ideal to combine with perfumes and oils

Ideal to combine with perfumes and oils

Great cleaning power


Group Biotechnology

Think tank for the future

In addition to ICS, Care Chemicals also includes Clariant’s activities in the growing field of biotechnology. The company recently earned positive headlines for its second-generation biofuel, so-called cellulosic ethanol, which is produced from agricultural residues, for instance from straw, which is nearly CO2 neutral and overcomes the food-versus-fuel debate. This makes cellulosic ethanol suitable as an alternative fuel for the automotive industry.

For the future of the company a particular focus in this field is on investments in technology and innovation. The use of renewable raw materials for new and sustainable products is a research focus of Group Biotechnology. Sales are still very low and the start-up costs are high, as is often the case with start-up projects. This currently has a negative effect on the profitability of the entire Business Area, but in the long run, this area has enormous potential.

In addition, New Business Development markets food supplements such as fats and oils, special carbohydrates, preservatives, antioxidants, and sweeteners to the dairy, baking and meat industries.

Sunliquid® – Competitive and Sustainable cellulosic ethanol

Care Chemicals

Important events 2015

  • Biotech Center

    Ultramodern laboratories with more than 6 000 square meters of space for over 100 employees – the new Clariant Biotechnology Center was opened at the beginning of October 2015 in Planegg, Germany. With it, the company continues to invest in one of the key industries of the 21st century.

  • Greentec Awards 2015

    • sunliquid® has been awarded third place in the automobility category
    • 2nd generation biofuel offers 95% savings in greenhouse gas emissions
    • Cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residues does not compete with food or feed production

    US Food and Drug Administration Standards

    • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documented high standards for R&D, manufacturing and logistics processes of the Clariant locations in the US

    US Food and Drug Administration Standards

    • 22 Clariant locations in Europe, Asia and Mexico, specialized in the production of ingredients for the cosmetic industry, were certified for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI)
  • Aerochem AB

    • Improved market position in the de-icing industry
    • Sales of CHF 20 million annually
    • Excellent market access in Northern Europe
    • Complementation of Clariant’s sustainability focus

    Allianz Beraca

    • Acquisition of a 30% stake in Beraca’s health and personal care business
    • Expansion of the market position in Brazil
    • Focus on natural and organic raw materials for more sustainability

    Vivimed Labs

    • Synergies with the existing Personal Care portfolio
    • Improved market position in the emerging markets of Asia
    • Indian market shows dynamic growth

    »The Indian market for personal care products shows dynamic growth in the double-digit percentage range.«

    R. Kumaresan Head of ICS India