Application Areas

Oil and gas recovery

Deepwater (chemical) technologies

Corrosion management systems

Additives for diesel, home heating oil and biofuels

Edible oil purification

The longer-term outlook for energy demand remains high and forecasts a narrowing of the supply-demand balance and the continued rise in the demand for hydrocarbon and metal ore-based materials with the global demand for oil increasing over the next 20 years. The oil and mining industries remain committed to ensuring that supply is maintained to meet the future demand. The Business Area Natural Resources is focused on step change innovative solutions that ensure that oil and mining companies alike can produce more efficiently, economically and sustainably.

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Leading Market Positions

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Refinery Services

No. 3

Oil Services

No. 4

Mining Services

Business Unit

Oil & Mining Services

Oil & Mining Services provides innovative technology and service solutions that are tailored to meet customer needs. Oil Services is a world leader in the development, manufacture, application and supply of specialty chemicals and services to the oil and gas industry and is active across the whole value chain from drilling to production and transportation to refining. Mining Services is a leading provider of flotation chemicals and emulsifiers for explosives to the global mining industry. Refinery Services is a leading provider of cold-flow additive applications for middle distillates including diesel, home heating oil and biofuels. Learn more by clicking into your area of interest.

»Hydrocarbon production will rise 20% by 2040. With a focus on North America and investments in innovation, infrastructure and people, Oil Services is ideally positioned to grow.«

John Dunne Head of Business Unit Oil & Mining Services

Liquids supply by type

1 MBDOE: Million barrels per day oil equivalent
2 NGLs: Natural gas liquids

Business Unit

Functional Minerals

Functional Minerals is a leading global supplier of bentonite-based specialty products for various applications. Key markets include edible oil refining, metal casting and special civil engineering and tunneling. In addition, Functional Minerals also offers additives for animal feed, stabilizers for the plastics industry as well as additives for paper and detergent. The strategic strength of Functional Minerals comes from a fully integrated value chain, from exploration to operation of the mines as well as processing the natural resource bentonite to industrial and customized solutions.

Sediment processing and feed additives in particular should generate global growth in the future. Additional growth initiatives come from the areas of metal casting and edible oil refining in emerging markets. A further increase in profitability will be pursued through increased cost efficiency, optimized technology platforms and a focus on more profitable application areas.

Broad range of applications

  • Exploration/stimulation, production and EOR/production optimization
  • Mining and fertilization industries
  • Processing and blending chain
  • Oil refining
  • Metal casting
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Plastic processing
  • Feed additive
  • Export packaging

Discover Value: LE Technology

Innovative technology to reduce environmental impact

Progressive industrialization has led to significant environmental pollution in many places. The public demands massive environmental precautions to counteract this promptly. With Ecosil® LE (Low Emission), Clariant provides the possibility to reduce the generation of harmful emissions in the foundry industry by up to 80%. This creates value for the environment and Clariant’s customers.

of harmful emissions

Clariant provides the option to reduce the possibility of harmful emissions in the foundry industry by up to 80%

What is bentonite?

Bentonite is a mix of various clay minerals and is characterized by an especially high ability to absorb water, a high swellability, and thus a good bonding capacity for heavy metals and toxic substances, for example.

Areas of application for bentonie-based additives: Civil engineering, drilling, metal casting, ceramics, detergents, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, feed, edible oil purification

Interview with Thomas Engelhardt

Thomas Engelhardt Lab Head Application Development EMEA and inventor of the LE Technology

»Our customers have monetary benefits.«

Mr. Engelhardt, how was the LE Technology developed?

Early on, we began by analyzing where the most harmful substances were created in the foundry process and how they could be avoided. What we discovered is that the green sand from which the molds are made for the foundry process can be manufactured in a much more environmentally compatible and efficient manner with special bentonite-based additives.

Which emissions does this include and how many of them can you actually avoid?

The foundry process is conducted at temperatures of up to 1 500°C and in doing so, produces a variety of BTEX1 emissions, which are all considered to be carcinogenic. These harmful emissions can be reduced by more than 80% when using bentonite-based LE additives.

Does LE Technology have other positive properties?

In addition to the environmental factor, our customers benefit from increased efficiency in the production process, improved product quality and less waste. Those are monetary benefits.

1 BTEX stands for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes

Ecosil® LE meets the requirements of Clariant EcoTain® product screening and was given the label for outstanding sustainability properties.

Ecotain products Ecosil® LE Discover Value story

Value for money

Value for money

Bentonite based additives are applied in the manufacturing of casting molds and help foundries to reduce more than 80% of emissions and at the same time substantially increase productivity.

Less waste

Less waste

Improved product quality

Improved product quality

Reduced use of resources

Significantly lower emissions

Innovation Highlight: HOSTAFRAC® SF


With HOSTAFRAC® SF 13213, Clariant has achieved a technological breakthrough to extract shale oil in an environmentally acceptable and highly efficient manner using hydraulic fracturing. Extensive testing in direct collaboration with the end-user customer showed that enhanced flow back of the hydraulic fracture fluid could be achieved when using HOSTAFRAC® SF 13213 when compared to other commonly used flow-back aids.

This is achieved by reducing the capillary forces between the grains of rock in the reservoir using the sugar-based surfactant, thereby enabling an increase in the flow rate and speed of well clean-up. The product meets the rigorous sustainability criteria for the Clariant EcoTain® label.

HOSTAFRAC™ SF benefits


of the fracturing fluid used can be recovered


or more increase in production can be realized


less chemicals needed to achieve the same performance

Natural Resources

Important events 2015

  • ARKOMON® XP 1014, Emulsifier for Explosive Emulsions

    Mining Services has developed an emulsifier technology allowing the use of low grade ammonium nitrates (AN) for explosive emulsion producers; providing a significant cost reduction and operational flexibility. This technology provides excellent stability of emulsions made with low grade ammonium nitrites with high crystal modifiers content. For producers not fully integrated in AN production this product provides superior performance and cost savings in the field. Additionally, this innovative product can be used with a wide range of AN grades, providing significantly improved operational flexibility.

  • First multi-purpose facility in Indonesia

    • The location in Surabaya will support various Clariant activities under the leadership of the BU Functional Minerals
    • Investment in the tens of millions
    • Clariant’s presence in Indonesia is growing to six production sites and three technical centers

    »For us, Indonesia is an ideal location to benefit from the forecasted growth in the Southeast Asia-Pacific region.«

    François Bleger Head of the Southeast Asia & Pacific region