Discover Value through continued repositioning of the portfolio

Almost as important for Clariant as organic growth is taking advantage of opportunities, discovering additional value potential – through external growth or active portfolio management. The major acquisition of Süd-Chemie in 2011 has heralded an extensive phase of transformation through 2015: moving away from more mature, cyclical activities and towards those that are future- and growth-oriented with above-average revenues, profitability and potential. In total, activities with a sales volume of around CHF 1.4 billion and an before of over 15% have been purchased in the past five years. In contrast, Clariant parted with a portion of sales equal to approximately CHF 2 billion with a profitability of below 8%. The acquired activities meaningfully complemented the core portfolio. They help to improve market access in the emerging markets, for example, and expand value creation with the focus on important global megatrends such as environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Further expansion in emerging markets and growth areas

As announced, the final sale of the loss-generating Energy Storage business was completed at the end of February 2015, which resulted in one-off disposal of CHF 73 million. In early July, the remaining shares of Brazilian Companhia Brasileira de Bentonita, of which Clariant already held 50%, were acquired. At the end of September, the company announced its intent to acquire portions of the Vivimed Labs Ltd Personal Care portfolio in India.

ACTIVE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT through acquisitions and divestments

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