Clariant is committed to international standards, ensuring checks and balances between the Board and Management, as well as a sustainable approach to value creation.

Principles of corporate governance

In defining the management structure, organization, and processes of the Clariant Group, the corporate governance principles aim to provide value and transparency to promote sustainable long-term success. The Group is committed to Swiss and international standards of corporate governance by following the respective statutory provisions, the rules issued by the SIX Swiss Exchange and by implementing the principles of the Swiss Code of Best Practices for Corporate Governance, revised in 2014. The principles and regulations on corporate governance are described in the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Directive on Information relating to Corporate Governance by SIX Swiss Exchange, the Ordinance Against Excessive Compensation in Listed Stock Corporations, the Articles of Association of Clariant Ltd, the Bylaws, the Organizational Group Regulations of the Clariant Group, and the Clariant Code of Conduct. The Board of Directors adapts the internal documents regularly. The Articles of Association, the Bylaws of the Board of Directors, and the Clariant Code of Conduct can be viewed on the internet at


Compliance is a key element of Corporate Governance. It refers to compliance with the law and directives as well as with voluntary codes within the company. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY


Stakeholders are people or groups whose interests are linked in various ways with those of a company. They include shareholders, business partners, employees, neighbors, and the community. VIEW ENTIRE GLOSSARY