Audited information

The general reserve must be at least 20% of the share capital of Clariant Ltd as this is the minimum amount required by the Swiss Code of Obligations. As from 2011, if certain conditions are met, qualifying capital contributions made to Clariant Ltd by its shareholders since 1997 can be distributed without being subject to Swiss withholding tax. Qualifying capital contribution reserves of approximately CHF 1.7 billion are confirmed by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA).

The SFTA is of the opinion that capital contribution reserves which were formerly offset with losses of CHF 1.26 billion will not qualify as capital contribution reserves anymore (even if compensated with newly generated retained earnings). The Swiss Administrative Court confirmed the SFTA’s view in a particular case (decision of 4 June 2015, A-6072/2013), whilst the Swiss Supreme Court (as the highest Swiss court level) has up to now not dealt with this question. Clariant Ltd does not unconditionally share the above mentioned opinion. this is why potential capital contribution reserves are also documented as capital contribution reserves in the balance sheet.