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Automotive and transportation

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Textile and fibers

The Business Area Plastics & Coatings not only has the highest sales in the Clariant Group, it also covers the broadest range of customer industries. Advanced technology products and innovations, for example, improve building insulation, prevent the flammability of mobile phones and better protect motorists and cyclists with more visible road markings. The increasing global standards of living and growing demand in the emerging markets ensure solid growth of the Business Area.

In step with the global economy

In step with the global economy

Since Plastics & Coatings supplies almost all industries with its products, the segment is also growing at about the pace of the global economy. Plastics & Coatings will be steered towards higher absolute profitability and cash generation. This is expected to be accomplished by improving cost efficiency, gaining market share, further promoting the theme of sustainability, and maintaining innovative capacity.

The Business Area Plastics & Coatings consists of the three Business Units Additives, Masterbatches and Pigments.

Why is the Business Area Plastics & Coatings becoming separate subsidiaries?

To take full advantage of the Business Area’s value creation potential, Plastics & Coatings was spun off in separate subsidiaries on 1 January 2016. In doing so, the area can be managed toward higher absolute profitability and cash generation. Plastics & Coatings operates primarily in already saturated markets and therefore requires differentiated business management. The existing structures of the Business Units Additives, Masterbatches and Pigments with their approximately 6 900 employees, all of their assets and payables will remain the same.

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steered for absolute EBITDA and cash flow generation

Leading Market Positions

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No. 1

Decorative coatings

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Industrial coatings

Business units


BU Additives is a major supplier of products with functional effects in plastics, coatings, printing inks and other applications. Innovative products such as non-halogenated flame retardants provide environmentally compatible protection for electrical and electronic equipment. Additives also produces waxes for plastic applications, hot melt adhesives, polishes and protective coatings. Polymer additives prevent oxidation, dissipate electric charge accumulation and improve heat, light and weather resistance. A crucial element of the business strategy is to expand presence in China and North America.

Additives are used in many industries such as:

  • Automotive, Electric & Electronics: solutions for light and heat stabilization, flow properties improvements, flame retardancy
  • Packaging: solutions for the production of very thin flexible packaging films and further recycling
  • Agriculture: solutions for light and thermal control of agriculture films that enable an improved crop yield


BU Masterbatches operates as one of the leading global suppliers of color and additive concentrates as well as technical composites for the plastics industry. The Business Unit is active in the markets for packaging, consumer goods, medicine and pharmaceuticals, textiles, transport and agriculture. More than 50 production facilities worldwide ensure that customers can be supplied both locally and internationally. The strategic focus is on regional growth and attractive market segments with promising prospects.

Masterbatches are used…

  • in products and services for the plastics processing industry
  • in special bottles and films for transport packaging, intelligent packaging and solar panels
  • for protection against moisture and oxygen in drug packaging


BU Pigments is a globally leading supplier of organic pigments, pigment preparations and colorants. The vastly diverse portfolio corresponds to the high standards for colors and coatings in industrial, automotive and construction applications. The Business Unit also provides solutions for the plastics industry, for special applications in the aluminum, agricultural and consumer goods sectors, as well as for traditional printing processes, inkjet printing and toner applications. The central goals of the Business Unit are the continuous improvement of its competitiveness, the strengthening of its position as a leading innovative supplier of color solutions, in addition to its further expansion in emerging markets.

Pigments are needed…

  • for decorative, industrial and automotive coatings
  • for the coloration of plastic applications
  • for special applications as well as for applications for conventional printing inks, inkjet inks and electrophotographic toners

Broad range of applications

  • Packaging
  • Consumer goods
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building, construction and infrastructure
  • Electric and electronics
  • Printing industry
  • Medical pharma
  • Textile and fibers
  • Agriculture

Discover Value: Easily Dispersible Pigments

Easily visible in all kinds of weather

In large European cities, more and more biking trails are becoming accessible and color is used to mark them as such in contrast to other traffic lanes. 30° celsius in the summer, –10° celsius in the winter, rain, hail, snow, salt and thousands of vehicles – and yet the markings should remain clearly visible for many years. Clariant’s scientists are the first to find a solution with easily dispersible (ED) pigments, which make the coloring and production of road marking simpler and more environmentally compatible and ensure the same level of performance in later use.

~90% less energy consumption

during paint production with the use of ED Pigments

A wide range of colors for every occasion

ED pigments are not only easily dispersible, they offer the opportunity to save conversion costs and bring more flexibility in production than standard pigments.





















Interview with Thomas Metz

Thomas Metz Head of Global Technical Marketing Coatings

»Clariant is the very first to succeed in manufacturing an easily dispersible organic pigment.«

Thomas Metz, the use of road markings has changed significantly over the last few years. What does this mean for the color suppliers?

In the past, the color white was sufficient to mark the lanes. Today, we have significantly more traffic and new challenges in the marking of bike paths or bus lanes: the color palette needed is much more extensive.

And what has Clariant to do with it?

Clariant provides organic pigments for road markings that meet the increased customer requirements: easy processing, broad range of colors, excellent abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand environmental stresses, all while being environmentally compatible. That is why we have developed ED Pigments.

Everyone describes themselves as environmentally compatible these days, right?

In ED Pigments, this is substantiated by hard numbers: Energy consumption in paint production can be reduced by up to 90%, the production time can be reduced by up to 85% and as a result, the costs are also reduced by up to 30%. And the range of applications is very large: marine coatings, industrial paints or decorative colors. Our ED Pigments can be used to improve value everywhere.

ED Pigments meet the requirements of EcoTain® and was given the label for outstanding sustainability properties by Clariant.

Ecotain productsED Pigments Discover Value story

Value for money

Value for money

Through the use of ED pigments, energy consumption can be lowered by up to 90% in the production of paint, and the production time can be reduced by up to 85%.

Wide range of colors and applications

Wide range of colors and applications

Reduced use of resources

Reduced use of resources

Shorter production time

Improved cost efficiency

Plastics & Coatings

Important events 2015



With AddWorks® AGC solutions, Clariant supports the development of effective crop protection with innovative stabilization solutions which improve durability of agricultural plastic films, such as greenhouses, mulch and silage films. AddWorks® AGC solutions, based on novel technology Hostavin® NOW, provide very strong resistance to agrochemicals with efficient UV protection, thus helping to extend plastic service life.


ColorForward® 2016

ColorForward® helps designers and marketing professionals make more informed color choices. Each edition presents four global societal trends which are related to different colors or color combinations. Surveying global trends and creative workshops are important elements in the selection process which involves collaboration between plastics and color specialists, consumer-science experts, designers, and product marketers. The 2016 global societal trends are: Liquid minds, Oh my Gold!, Love Technology and Work it Girl!


Lead chromate replacement

The novel greenish yellow pigment, PV Fast Yellow H4G, is a safe replacement of chromate yellow pigments. PV Fast Yellow H4G provides on its own or in combination with organic and inorganic pigments, valuable alternatives to lead chromate yellow pigments in terms of shade, opacity, light and weather fastness, chemical stability and coloration costs.

  • Licocene® Finalist for Innovation Award

    • One-of-a-kind product features
    • Good environmental compatibility
    • Production capacity at Frankfurt location expanded by 50%
    • Significant weight and thus fuel savings when using Licocene® FR112 as a hot melt adhesive for carpets in airplanes and trains

    Sustainable innovations EcoTain® labeled

    • Exolit®OP 1230, 1240, 930 and 935, pioneering non-halogenated flame retardants meeting the highest standards of product safety
    • Ceridust® 8330 and 8090 are bio-based additives that are specifically designed for printing inks and wood coatings and are 100% recyclable
    • Hostaperm® Pink E, produced from renewable raw materials, a high-performance pigment used in the coloring of paints and coatings
  • Pink going green

    Hostaperm® Pink E, one of Clariant’s most important polycyclic pigments, reflects the switch to more sustainable products. Quinacridone pigments based on renewable raw materials produce brilliant colors and are on par with petrochemical-based pigments regarding durability. They are used in applications such as automotive, industrial and decorative coatings.

    »The development of products based on renewable raw materials is an important part of our R&D focus.«

    Stefan Ohren Head of Product Management High Performance Polycyclic Pigments