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Sales growth of 1 to 2 percentage points can be generated with the introduction of new, innovative products. The precondition for this is satisfied. Clariant’s innovation pipeline is well filled with more than 300 active projects from all business units. These include approximately 60 »Class 1 Projects« with double-digit million sales potential. The close collaboration among the Business Units, Clariant Innovation Excellence, and Group Technology & Innovation as the central research unit provides the basis for the greatest possible efficiency. Approximately 1 100 employees in eight Centers for Research & Development and in about 50 Technical Application Centers work every day toward reaching established targets. In addition, Clariant participates in more than 130 scientific collaborative projects with universities, research institutes and external partners.

In 2015, CHF 204 million was spent on Research & Development. Since 2011, this has been about CHF 1 billion. In areas that are particularly research-intensive, such as Catalysis, the share of R&D spending is more than 7% of sales. Over 7 000 patents underscore the advanced technology expertise within the Group.

Open Innovation Initiative – using global knowledge for innovation

Global trends and areas with the greatest growth potential, such as environmental protection, globalization, urbanization, as well as the efficient use of resources and energy, are Clariant’s central focus for R&D and the investments associated with it. In order to serve and develop future markets with above-average potential, such as functional packaging, Clariant launched the Open Innovation initiative on the Clariant website in 2015. The initiative was developed in partnership with the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Stanford University (USA) and includes the active and strategic integration of knowledge outside of the company to foster innovation potential. Outside innovators are invited to contribute ideas, needs and solutions to the Open Innovation Focus Fields with the goal of creating long-term partnerships in these areas. To motivate outside innovators such as universities, start-ups, or customers to participate, access to financing, markets, infrastructure and practical knowledge is offered.

Research & Development

204 m

CHF spent in 2015

Innovation figures


employees in R&D

3.5 %

of Group sales 2015 spent in R&D


Technical Application Centers




global R&D Centers


scientific collaborations

Open Innovation Initiative offers benefits


We help start-ups and young companies overcome financial challenges.


Finding suitable test and production equipment is a challenge for many innovators. We open our labs and facilities to foster innovation.

Market access

Our global network helps to bring new innovations into the world.


Our experts use their knowledge and expertise along the entire innovation chain.

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Open Innovation at Clariant

Technology platforms as a link to the market

Technology platforms as a link to the market

Understanding the specific and individual needs and requirements of global markets and customers, combined with efficient innovation management, contributes sustainably to the transformation of these needs into value-adding products and solutions. In order to effectively take advantage of synergies across all Business Areas, Clariant’s research and development is based on four technology platforms: Chemistry & Materials, Biotechnology, Process Technology, and Catalysis. Here, the forward-looking chemical technologies are combined with custom-made and sustainable solutions based on renewable raw materials using microorganisms, optimized enzymes and catalysts developed from individual specifications. They are allowing for the efficient use of natural resources and emissions reduction by means of holistic and innovative process development.

Technology platforms

for tailor-made solutions

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