In light of the challenging conditions of a dynamically changing world, an EBITDA margin before exceptional items of 14.7% for the year under review should be considered a success and represents a further improvement over the previous year. However, the gap to the target range of 16% to 19% cannot be closed without additional value generation, which will take place by using the company’s established five-pillar strategy: increasing profitability, repositioning of the portfolio, adding value through sustainability, fostering innovation and R&D as well as intensifying growth.

»A globally positioned company requires a streamlined service organization that is flexible and available around the clock.«

Hans Bohnen

Head of Global Business Services

»Today our global markets are very dynamic and constantly changing. For this reason, a company that seeks long-term success must also embrace continuous transformation and evolution.«

Hariolf Kottmann

Chief Executive Officer

»We have anchored sustainability within our corporate strategy. This creates added value for Clariant, the society and the environment alike.«

Joachim Krüger

Head of Corporate Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs

»Our experience shows that innovation is the result of a culture with open communication and a continuous exchange of ideas.«

Martin Vollmer

Chief Technology Officer

»North America offers substantial growth potential for the upcoming years.«

Ken Golder

Head of North America Region